"And this is not all. Do ye not suppose that I know of these things for myself? Behold, I testify unto you that I do know that these things I have spoken are true. And how do ye suppose that I know of their surety? 46. Behold, I say unto you they are made known unto me by the Holy Spirit of God... 48. I say unto you, that whatsoever I shall say unto you, concerning that which is to come, is true; and I say unto you, that I know that Jesus Christ shall come, yea, the Son, the Only Begotten of the Father, full of grace, and mercy, and truth. And behold, it is he that cometh to take away the sins of the world, yea, the sins of every man who steadfastly believeth on his name. 49. And now I say unto you that this is the order after which I am called, yea, to preach unto my beloved brethren."
-Alma 5:45-46,48-49
"Come unto Christ and be perfected in him and deny yourselves of all ungodliness."
-Moroni 10:32

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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Two Emails in One - First One 10/5/15

Dear family and friends,

I am so so sorry for not sending my letter out last week. I was having
trouble getting wifi because we were doing so much this pday. Because
the member that we are staying with is out again we are staying with
the Spanish sisters and their apartment doesn't have wifi. So we went
to the church but it turns out they were playing quiditch so that was
super fun and I basically played that the whole time. It was so fun. I
would explain if I could but this letter is going to be twice as long
now... Sorry again!

Ok so this is from last week 10/5/15

Did everyone enjoy General Conference? Sorry I didn't remind everyone
about it last week! It was super good though! The talks should be on in a few days if you would like to look back on them. I know I
will! I honestly cannot tell you guys which was my favorite because
there were just too many that I learned so much from.

Overall in conference I learned how to be a better disciple of Christ, because
that is one of the many things I hope to improve upon myself here on
my mission. I learned that to truly love and care for someone is to
love them and to see their potential like a parent would see their
child (or how their Father in Heaven sees them). Even when people are
rude and harsh to you, don't hold that grudge. Christ has already
taken your pains upon himself and it's up to you to show your faith,
trust in him and continue on, and then remember, "what heals stays
healed."(Allen D. Haynie) As we use the atonement EVERYDAY in our
lives we strive to be like Christ. "We do not have to be perfect but
we have to be good and continue to try to be better... Simple
obedience." (Kim B. Clark) So many people can look at the word
obedience with distaste, but I love what Carol M. Stephens said,
"God's laws to us are an expression of His love for us. Obedience to
His laws is an expression of our love to Him."

Many General Authorities and Women spoke on how we can obey His laws and how to
continually draw closer to our loving Heavenly Father. Some examples
are: be worthy of the blessings of the spirit and act on your
impressions, ponderize (ponder 80% and memorize 20% of a verse of
scripture each week), always remember him, ask in your prayers what
you lack and what you are doing well at, and know that His will for
you and the path he needs you to take in life is for your eternal
happiness and progression. By listening and acting on the words of
Gods chosen apostles I know we will be on a path to eternal joy and
that others around us will see that. That is when we take our dear
President Monsons words and "be an example of the believers, in word,
in conversation, in charity, in spirit, in faith, in purity." (1Tim.

I think it is truly amazing how blessed we are as Latter Day
Saints to be able to receive this council from Gods chosen apostles
and prophets. I know what they say is true because what they say comes
from God, and is therefore is for all of our benefit. Pray for our
prophets health, pray for Elders, Perry, Packer, and Scotts family. I
love them all so very much and admire how much they care for each and

everyone of us.

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